The Invasive Hitlist

The Invasive Hitlist is a series of field guides designed to create a culture of eco-positive recreation that benefits the ecosystem, rather than harming it. Our aim is to widely distribute the booklets and raise awareness of the impacts of invasive species. By incorporating ecological thinking into established practices, we aim to change the attitudes in hunting communities and emphasize how easy and rewarding environmental consciousness can be. The booklets are designed to appeal to a range of anglers and occasional sportsmen. 

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Invasive Hitlist: Origins sets the stage for the Invasive Hitlist series. Learn about invasive species across the country and get engaged in a truly entertaining environmentally friendly, biodiversity preserving,  and funny experience. 

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Northern Snakehead 

Invasive Hitlist: Snakehead is the first species in our Hitlist. Northern Snakehead invaded the Potomac in force, and have been putting the pressure on local species ever since. Help us protect our local waterway's and enjoy a good read at the same time!


Asian Carp

Invasive Hitlist: Asian Carp is the second book in the series. Learn how to catch, and eat Asian Carp, while learning to preserve local fish species across the country. Asian Carp are on their way into the Great Lakes, help prevent that, and see what you can do to stop an ecological disaster. 

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