A-MAGA Journal Pack

This journal pack isn't meant to be red, blue, left, right, or any other number of polarizing terms. The spines are red, white, and blue because this journal pack is about the United States of America. All of us. Because in the end, we are all in this together. 

This pack is part social action, and part experiment because it will be up to the purchasers to prove our thesis. We believe given the opportunity people will seek to achieve their own goals, but can and will respect the will of their fellow man. The social good outcome of A-MAGA will be voted on by the purchasers of the journal packs. Every 500 journals sold will close the voting and a donation of 2500 dollars will be made to an organization of the 500 purchasers' choosing. Buyers will have the option of adding their own ideas to the available choices, or supporting someone else's. 

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