Our Mission

FM-31 makes high quality, handcrafted creative tools inspired by social justice issues.


Human Centered Design

Human Centered Design can be described as our method for solving problems big or small. Our experiences as design students have formed the foundation of this perspective.

Human Centered Design leads to products, services, and other solutions that take the needs of people seriously. This means the outcomes are necessary, desirable, and effective. People are the central value at stake with our creations.

We design for real people at every stage of the process. Some of our concepts arise directly out of problem architecture and aim at helping a specific population, but we also consider the human experience when it comes to the usefulness of our work. It's because of this approach that so many of our products are intentionally made to survive harsh conditions.

Social Good 

FM-31 would not exist if it weren't for our desire to manifest as much social good as we possibly can. 

Like so many young idealistic people before us, we are troubled by the times. The human capacity for innovation, kindness, and social action isn't realizing its potential. As a people we can do so much better if we refuse to be bystanders and take action.

 None of our products are made because we saw a gap in the market to exploit. Some of work will be innovative and never before done, but that won't be their purpose for existing. Novelty is boring if it doesn't advance social good of our fellow person.


If Design is our tool for navigation and Social Good is the engine then artisanship is the body that holds it all together.

We believe when we make something we have captured a piece of our soul, and put it into the world to be consumed. That gravity requires us to put our best foot forth so that others may enjoy that small piece of us.

 We shape our products one iteration at a time by hand. We experiment, debate, and obsess over every detail. The quality of craft present in our products surpasses the capacity of large scale manufacturing.  

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