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'Helping Hand' Journal Series

The 'Helping Hand' Journal Series is aimed at helping the most vulnerable populations in our society. The groups we have targeted are not all encompassing of societies ills, but they are a start.


Civic Leaders Edition


Not all heroes wear capes. The likeness of Martin Luther King Jr., Cesar Chavez, and Eleanor Roosevelt grace the covers of this edition for many reasons. Chief among them is their dedication to making the lives around them better. Our democracy demands an active citizenry, and these three were exemplary enough for us all to aspire for more. 

Children are the future, and should be encouraged to make in an impact in their communities. Sixty years from now one of the DCPS children may have their likeness represent civic leadership on someone else's journal. 

Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School will be the benefactor of the Civic Leaders Edition. 20% of this journal pack will be used to purchase technology solutions for their school.


Senior Stories Edition 


Getting older is hard, and we often times overlook the wisdom and life experiences of the eldest in our society. The government may take action that undermines the valuable social services available to the elderly, but we do not have to sit by and watch it happen. There are many ways to get involved. Volunteer, donate, or even buy this journal.

The purpose of this edition is to give back to Sarah's Circle; an award-winning affordable housing residence and wellness center providing comprehensive programs and services for very low-income seniors. Each journal contains poetry written by one of the residents for their weekly poetry workshop at Sarah's Circle. They are also represented on the cover with a photo of their choosing. 

20% of this journal pack's cost supports the services Sarah's Circle delivers to it's residents and the broader senior community. 

Beyond the Prologue Ed.


There are more slaves in the world right now than there were in the entire United States prior to the Civil War. Slavery persists as a result of widespread human trafficking. Most of these victims are tricked or coerced into these situations and become worse off even if they are freed or escape. It's a vicious cycle of despair and poverty, but doesn't need to end there. We can and should take special care to help survivors thrive in their lives. 

20% of this edition supports Operation Underground Railroad through their Aftercare Collaboration

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